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Willa Berry

Graphics      Photography     Art 


I’m a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

I design logos, pack design, layouts, and web design. In photography, I have done graduation photos, family photos, sport events and others in my personal collection.

My Work


Film Festival Teaser and Main Poster

Print Design Fall 2021

These posters are part of a series that go along with a project called The Weekend Film Fest: Post Apocalyptic. These are just the Teaser and Main poster that were designed for it.

Designing with Type

This work has to do with Type design. It was part of a project for one of my classes. This project consisted of making designs and patterns with different typefaces. 

Black and White Pinhole

While I do enjoy working with digital photography, it was fun to dive into the world of pinhole photography. These were made with a homemade box pinhole camera and then developed in a silver dark room. While these were just practice shoots, I fell in love with the concept can found different ways to  expose the light to get a darker or brighter image.


These are from my personal collection. They are from Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock, AR. These are to showcase my ability to work with the natural lighting verses studio lighting with a digital camera. I enjoy working outside taking pictures of nature and natural life

Expressive Type

These are from part of class project were you choose one typeface and ten different words. With those words it is your job to make a design showing what that word means without telling the definition. Instead you do it in expression. This was to show how one can word in a simple color scheme with a set amount of words.